Our commitment is quality T-Shirt Screen Printing and costumer
satisfaction. If we can satisfy your expectations and your
demands we have done our job. If we don't have what you are
looking for, let us know. We will do our best to look into what you
want, provide it or will refer you to the right place.

"If you are happy tell your friends, if not tell us."

Services We Provide:

  • Picking up your blanks for printing.

  • Providing Our bulk price for the T shirt blanks and other blanks.

  • Helping you with your art work or making it from your concept.

  • Screen Printing your art work on the T shirt or any of our
     excepted blanks.

  • Delivering the finished product (depending on order Size).

Inks and Screen printing techniques for T shirts:

For our T-Shirt screen printing This is our standard ink:
"Wilflex" Plastisol

Plastisol - These are our standard inks and are the most commune inks in the
industry. They come in all colors and have the longest life on fabric. In fact, they
may stay longer then the fabric it self.  Most likely the T shirt that you are wearing
right now is printed with this ink.

We are able to provide a big selection of special inks and different printing
processes such as:

Puff inks
- these inks stand out and add texture to the ink.
The ink actually puffs up and rises about a 1/8 of an inch.
These inks come in all shades of the rainbow and are to printed only with spot
color designs. They can be printed in combination with other colors and inks

Glitter/shimmer - These inks have glitter or shimmer in them. They come in gold
and silver and add a unique trendy  look. There is a deference between the two.  
Glitter has bigger flakes then shimmer. They can be printed in combination with
other colors and inks.

Foil - This is a unique process where we print an adhasive and then we put on
top of the print a foil and make the two combine. This gives the ink a Metallic
look. The foil comes in a variety of colors such as Metallic blue, red  green, silver
and gold. There is a foil of all the rainbow colors together. This ink is to be
printed alone and not in combination with other inks beside water color or

Discharge - This is a process where you burn into the shirt by actually
discharging the color. This process is kind of like a controlled bleach. The ink has
no texture at all. We have one color for this process - "natural".

Full color sublimation - This is a process that is perfect for small quantities with
many colors.
We print this process only on 50/50 shirts. That means 50% cotton, 50% polyester.
The print fades away a little after the first wash but stays for ever after. You have
a birthday, funeral, or a family event and you want to put a full color picture this is
the way to go. Printed only on shirts that we provide and only on light color shirts

Full color heat transfer -  This is a process that is perfect for small quantities with
many colors. Printed only on White shirts.
This is a cheaper solution then the sublimation but provided similar results. May
fade a little more then the sublimation. This process is to be printed with boarder
art work only. For example - Square, circle or any other closed shape.